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In Any Still Moment

Book of Poetry, In Any Still Moment

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Book of Poetry, In Any Still Moment

For Mish, presenting her first published work, a book of poetry, is both a joy and a success. It is a joy because she learned to recite a poem about nuns taking over a convenience store during her first two years of schooling in Ballarat. She's never forgotten it.

Her grandfather, Frank McGrath, used to recite classic Australian poetry. He always provided Mish with a source of inspiration.

Her book is a success because she was not taught to read until her family moved to the Gold Coast when Mish was nine years old. The special education staff at Robina State School addressed the need and helped Mish learn to read.

Experiencing classes alongside other young people with additional needs gave Mish an early understanding and acceptance of our beautiful differences.

She has overcome many barriers to be able to bring this book to you.