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In Any Still Moment

Who is Mish?

Born in Ballarat, grew up on the Gold Coast and after living in London, Greece, Samoa and
New Zealand, Mish is now based in Melbourne, Australia.
Mish's work is characterised by its vibrant colours and bold brushstrokes
that create a sense of movement and evoke an emotive response. Her art are
inspired by her travels around the world and often emulate nature as symbolism;
reflecting the process of living with grief, joy and connection to the Creator. Mish
employs a variety of techniques to create her unique works of art.
Her artwork is a celebration of life, with each project conveying a sense of joy and
energy. Her use of colour and texture creates a dynamic visual experience that is
both captivating and inspiring.
Mish’s artwork is an intuitive exploration of beauty and adventure. Her paintings
are a reminder to appreciate all that surrounds us.
Mish's art is a reflection of her passion for the deeper things of life and her desire
to share it with others. Through her art, she hopes to bring joy and inspiration to
those who view it.
Mish was selected for two artist residencies in 2023, collaborated on five group exhibitions,
her artwork has been sold worldwide, and her solo exhibition has been met with great success.